Mrs. Brinda Balaji

Mrs. Brinda Balaji - Assistant Professor (Political Science)

B.Ed., M.A., M.Phil. (Political Science), M.A. (Economics), K.S.E.T., (Ph.D.)

She has 24 years of experience in teaching Political Science. She is a member of Karnataka Political Science Association (R), Mysuru. She has attended many seminars & also presented a papers at various National & International Conferences. Some of her publications are as follows -

  • Published a paper titled ‘Women and Religious Equality’ in the book Women in Transition: Achievements, Issues & Challenges. 2019. ISBN: 978-93-5351-086-2
  • Published a paper titled ‘Caste & Politics’ in an international multi-disciplinary quarterly research journal, a peer-reviewed and UGC-listed journal, Vol –VIII, Issue-I, 2019. ISSN: 2277-5730- Impact Factor-5.5
  • Published a paper titled ‘Relevance of Death Sentence in a Contemporary world’ (Kannada version), A multi-disciplinary national level ISBN book on Indian Cultural Transitions (Since 12th Century), Research Articles Edition- 2019. ISBN: 978-81-940165-0-2
  • Published a paper titled ‘Fundamental Rights: The Constitutional Context of Human Rights in the book Human Rights: Trends & Issues in Contemporary world, Vol-I 2019. ISBN: 978-93-88551-01-4

Additionally, she has also completed Faculty Induction Program and Faculty Development Programs, conducted by MHRD in collaboration with Ramanujan College, University of Delhi (2020).

At RCL, she has been teaching Major World Governments, Public Administration, State and Political Obligation, International Relations, and Theory and Thought. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Political Science from Tumkur University, Tumakur.

She is a Member of Board of Education, Karnataka State Law University 2021-2026 and has been appointed as External Senior Supervisor and Sitting Squad for KSLU Exams.

At RCL, she is the Faculty Co-ordinator of Alumni Association, NSS and RCL Glitz Pictures.