RCL Tech & Science Club

The IPR Committee of Ramaiah College of law constituted the RCL Technology and Science Law Club in association with Ramaiah Intellectual Property Rights Cell to accustom the students to the dynamic and diversified areas of science and technology and their interface with law. The objective of this Club is to accustom the students to the areas of Law which have an interface with science and technology, in order to bridge the gap in the Curriculum. Secondly, to bring in the interdisciplinary approach of learning in legal curriculum encompassing science and technology. Thirdly, to impart knowledge resonating with the recent trends and developments in the field to help the students to become astute legal professionals. The Club has identified certain areas of Research and study based on their objective. They are Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws and Interdisciplinary areas like Law & Medicine, Law & Forensic Science, Law and Biotechnology, Law and AI and Food and Agricultural Laws. Based on these areas the proposed activities and initiatives will be Lecture Series, Legal Aid, Seminars and Webinars, Guest Lectures, Quiz, Publication/Conference Proceeding and Parliamentary Debate. The criteria to become member of this club is that the student who is applying must be the student of Ramaiah College of Law. The students applied will be selected based on an article writing competition every year. The membership will be valid for one academic year. The students selected via the competition will be given preference to work with the RIPRC in specific projects/consultations. This Club will be mainly managed by the students under the guidance and supervision of the faculty members of the RCL IP Committee.


The RCL Technology and Science Law Club will be publishing an Annual Law Review named “THE RAMAIAH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LAW REVIEW” taking contributions from both the student members of the club and the faculty members of the RCL at the initial stage. This Law Review will try to maintain the quality of the content published in each edition. The theme of this review is to bring out new perspectives of the contributors specifically on the research areas outlined for this Club which are:

  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Cyberlaw,
  • Interdisciplinary areas such as:
  • Law & Medicine,
  • Law & Forensic Science,
  • Law and Biotechnology,
  • Law and AI  and
  • Food and Agricultural Laws.

The broader vision of this Law Review is to have more contributions from all the institutions of Ramaiah so that there can be an interdisciplinary approach to the outlined research areas of this club. This way it will try to stand on a different platform as compared with the other available Law reviews. It will include essays, short and long articles, case comments, write-ups etc.

This is the criteria for the selection of the students for this club. The students who are interested to join this group have to submit an article for this review and if their article gets selected for publication under this Law Review then automatically the student becomes a member of this club for one Academic year.

Faculty Members of this Club:

  1. Sangeeta Murali
  2. Nilima Panda
  3. Anurupa Chetia Sinha