Centre for Women and Child Welfare Policy

Women and Children are an integral part of a social and political order. These groups are susceptible to vulnerabilities based on gender and age. Continuous efforts are necessary to not only equate women, but to build their capabilities and empower them so that they can be independent enough to exercise their choice in all spheres of life and contribute to the development of society. Utmost care and protection must be provided to the children who must be nurtured as they are the future of our Nation. On the note of above-mentioned necessity which requires a serious attention from our educated society, Centre for Women and Child Welfare Policy of Ramaiah College of Law has made an initiative towards this.

The Centre for Women and Child Welfare Policy was established in November 2020. The Centre works towards the development of Women and Children. The faculty coordinators work under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Rose Varghese, Director (Academics) RCL and Prof. (Dr.) V. Shyam Kishore, Principal, RCL. The Centre functions with a set of basic objectives such as to create social awareness about the problems related to women and children. To educate women about the existing welfare policies. To undertake research on the contemporary issues with respect to Women and Child Welfare and to initiate projects to promote the advancement of women and children. The compositions of the Centre for Women and Child Welfare Policy includes two faculty coordinators, and they are: Dr. Anita Patil, Associate Professor (Law) and Ms. Sweta Kumari, Assistant Professor (Political Science). The Centre at institutional level is governed under the guidance of two Patrons: Prof. (Dr.) Rose Varghese, Director (Academics) and Prof. (Dr.) V. Shyam Kishore, Principal In-charge & Professor of Law.