With an ever-growing student network and unlimited digital potential, having a student-run podcast in colleges is a need of the hour, and The RCL Podcast is the first of its kind. The Ramaiah College of Law Podcast Committee converses with eminent guests from different walks of life, giving students a broad understanding of the various professional possibilities. The committee plans to host many events that raise legal awareness and engage the student network.

There are numerous types of podcasts hosted by the committee, such as:

  • Interview Podcast: The hosts ask the guests a series of questions regarding their day- to-day activities in their professional life
  • Storytelling Podcast: The guest gives an insight into their life and the challenges they overcame to fulfil their goals
  • Roundtable Podcast: A spirited discussion between the guest and the hosts around various topics, legal and otherwise.
  • Video-cast / Vlogcast: An in-person recording session with the guests set in a fun backdrop like a cafe or a co-working space, all showcased on video.

The Objective of the committee is to spread legal knowledge, increase student engagement in a digital mode, and create a strong network of students and professionals through conducting activities such as podcasting, vlogging and outreach events.  The document outlining the Standard Operating Procedure can be found here.

The Podcast Committee is divided into four teams:

  • Technical Team: Audio and Video Editors and Videographer
  • Network and Outreach Team: Scouting for Potential Guests and Preparing Scripts for Interviews
  • Social Media Team: Managing the Promotion of the Podcast via Social Media Channels
  • Events Team: Ensuring smooth end-to-end execution of events held by the committee

The following is a list of the Office Bearer Positions (OBs) and the students who ensure the smooth running of the committee activities:

Faculty Coordinator: Sharu Anna John
President of Internal Affairs Rakshika Rajesh
President of External Affairs Janhavi Nagarhalli
Vice President of Internal Affairs Sudheesh S Kesarkar
Vice President of External Affairs Nidhi Rao Govardhan
Secretary Bhargav Iyer
Treasurer Dheemanth T.A.
Head of Technical Team Nitish Goyal
Head of Events Hima S.N. Gowda
Head of Social Media Adhiti Shenoy