Sports, Sharks and More with Ayush Kushwaha

The RCL Podcast launched its latest episode on August 31, 2022, with Ayush Kushwaha: the founder of Tweek Labs and contestant on Shark Tank India S1.

Tweak Labs is a sports tech-based startup that aims to revolutionise the way sportsmen play. The students Janhavi Nagarhalli (IVth year B.A. LL.B.) and Khushi Chittragi (Ist Year B.B.A. LL.B.) interview Ayush and have an insightful conversation about his journey from a college student to a bootstrapped founder. The episode was shot by Dheemanth (IIIrd year B.A. LL.B.) and directed by Rakshika Rajesh (IVth year B.A. LL.B.).

The episode covers Ayush’s inspiration behind Tweek Labs and the process of selection they had undergone to feature on Shark Tank. The students also get a window into what it's like interacting with the ever-so-popular “Sharks” and their plans for Tweek Labs.

Finally, they discuss the legal implications faced while launching this venture and how law students today can counsel new start-up founders and can assist them with their legal roadblocks.

Episode Video: