Sadhana is the newsletter of RCL brought out bi-annually. It caters to students and staff of RCL to reflect their academic and non-academic achievements and engagements. The newsletter contains various sections ranging from committee activities, Training programmes, Lecture series, workshops, to cultural events that take place in particular academic period. It is a worthy platform for our students to showcase their skills which motivates the students to cater to their creative side and express themself.


Abhigna Darpana is the quarterly newsletter of the Engineering and General Science Division, Gokula Educational Foundation. This multilingual (English, Kannada & Hindi) newsletter which is a unique culmination of diverse opinions, perceptions and creative acumen like paintings, poetry , law/book reviews and photographs from students and staff of each constituent college of GEF (E & GS) Division to the larger community of GEF.

Abhigna Darpana

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