Poster-Making Competition

The Legal Services Clinic of the Ramaiah College of Law in collaboration with RCL NCC 5/C COY organised a Poster-Making Competition on January 12, 2023, i.e., on the occasion of National Youth Day in order to observe Swami Vivekananda Ji’s 160th birth anniversary. The Competition was organised at the Student Lounge of the Ramaiah College of Law.

The theme for the Poster Making Competition was ‘Role of Youth Vis-à-Vis Legal Literacy’. The Competition was organised with an aim to create a platform for stimulating discourse for students to express their views and also to showcase their creativity and artistic skills.

The Posters were scored by a panel of three faculty judges consisting of Ms. Ayesha Rao, Mrs. Archana Kothavale and Ms. Sharu Anna John. Overall, the event was successful and resulted in some intriguing posters, thus helping the spread of legal awareness.