Orientation program 2023

On 16th January 2023, The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, RCL organized theOrientation Program 2023 at the Student Lounge of Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru.This program was conducted to introduce and explain different types of Mediation,Negotiation, and Client Counselling. It provided an opportunity for all the OB members toshare their experiences in competitions related to these fields as well as talk about careeropportunities available in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The orientation session began with a brief introduction by each OB member followed by anexplanation regarding various forms of mediation such as facilitative mediation, evaluativemediation, etc., negotiation strategies such as distributive bargaining and integrativebargaining; client counseling techniques like active listening skills, etc.; the importance ofADR in day-to-day life; how society responds towards using it for resolving disputes;induction procedure required while applying for tournaments or any other competition-related activities.

Afterwards, there were a few mock mediations that gave participants a hands-on experienceenabling them to understand better what they had learned during the orientation session.The event concluded with a quick Q and A round where everyone got a chance to ask questionsthat were still lingering on their minds after attending this informative session. All those who attended felt enlightened due knowledge imparted through this Orientation Program making them aware not only of various aspects concerning ADR but also giving them insight into its practical application.

The faculty Coordinator, Ms. Ayesha Rao, Assistant Professor, was present during thisprogram.