Mentorship Program

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself ‘’.
- Oprah Winfrey

Mentoring is a process of using specially selected and trained individuals to provide guidance, pragmatic advice and continuing support that will help the people in their learning and development process.

Ramaiah College of law has introduced the mentorship programme with a view to accelerate personal & professional development of mentees.


The main objectives of the mentorship programme are:

  • To offer effective academic counselling.
  • To provide emotional support to students.
  • To monitor attendance and behavioural aspects of every student.
  • To establish an understanding between teachers, students and parents.
  • To recognise the weak zones of students and discovering apt solutions.
  • To boost the morale of the students by constant interaction.
  • To help the students set realistic goals.


The pandemic has disrupted normal interactions & during these testing times the role of a mentor has become all the more important.

During the academic year, an active whatsapp group was created by all the mentors to interact with their mentees.

There were online meetings conducted via Google meet platform to understand the problems faced by mentees & suggesting ways to resolve the same. The concerns of the mentees which were addressed during these meetings were regarding the usage of new ERP Portal , status of examination results, internships & allied courses available , availability of E-Books & other online resources.

The mentors have taken active interest in ensuring that all their mentees get the benefit of vaccination drive which was organised by Gokula Foundation on July 6, 2021.

The mentors have also played an active role in ensuring that all their mentees have met the course requirement i.e. submission of assignments, taking up internal test & completing presentation on time.

Mentors-Mentee Allocation List, 2021-22