First Weekly Session

The first weekly training session of the Centre for ADR was held on 7th February 2023. A lot of students turned up for the 1st weekly session, which made it a very interactive and fruitful one. The OB members started off by asking questions like what is mediation? to get an idea about what people think about it. Then they explained why mediation is important as an alternative to litigation in terms of cost-effectiveness and other factors. They discussed how making a good opening statement can help build trust between parties involved in disputes and its elements were also explained clearly.

After that, OB members shed light on what actually happens during a competition such as how mediators should avoid giving suggestions directly and instead make them come to their own conclusion with proper facilitation from the mediator's side. This answered many queries raised by students who wanted clarity regarding this matter specifically.

Overall, everyone present at the 1st weekly training session was satisfied with all answers provided by OB members which helped them understand more deeply about various aspects related to dispute resolution process through mediation competitions or otherwise . It certainly gave participants some insight into different techniques used while handling disputes professionally both inside courtrooms or outside them using alternatives such as Mediation.