A chess competition was organized by K.P.E.S.s Dr. G.M.Patil Law College, Dharwad on 5th July,2022. The following students from Ramaiah College of Law participated under the head of Siddappa. N.C.

  1. Shashank. R (II SEM,BCOM LLB)
  2. Anantha Shayana. K (VIII SEM, BCOM LLB)
  3. Harsh Agarwal (II SEM, BCOM,LLB)
  4. Girivardhan Reddy (VI SEM, BCOM,LLB)
  5. Anshuman Singh (VIII SEM,BCOM,LLB)
  6. Vaidhehi Vilas Kudva (II SEM, BA,LLB)
  7. Mahi Agarwal (II SEM, BBA,LLB)
  8. Rissa Cauvery (II SEM,BBA,LLB)
  9. Sahana.M. Hiremath (II SEM,BCOM,LLB)
  10. Anshika Agarwal (II SEM,BBA,LLB)