Faculty Academic Discourse #4 (17.03.2021)

Language is one of the primary modes of deciphering culture, norms and practices of a specific society. Language plays an important role to integrate, galvanise and unify communities.

Professor Brinda Balaji extolled how's the virtues of the Kannada language. Her exuberant style filled with incredible connotations of the nature and scope of the unique features and facets of the Kannada language was praiseworthy. It brought forth a need for developing an... READ MORE

Faculty Academic Discourse #3 (10.03.2021)

Poetry is the rhythm of one’s heart. The words of poets are an imprint in history because it brings new perspective into one’s life but also provides and understanding of life in ancient times.

Prof. Sagar brought that rhythm into our hearts when he presented two poems on the concept of life and the ethereal feelings associated with it. He took us through John Keats’ wonderful poem named “Ode to a... READ MORE

Faculty Academic Discourse #2 (03.03.2021)

International Maritime and International Air Law and their confluence is a relatively new construct in Public International Law and the nature of these domains leads to the efforts that have been undertaken by the international community to create a harmonious application of these areas.

We had Prof. Vaishnavi Narayeni weave us through the intricacies of the origins and recent developments in both fields with a concentration on the confluence between the... READ MORE


Brief write up with photographs – On March 9th, 2021, IQAC in collaboration with the Centre for Women and Children Welfare Policy (CWCWP), at RCL, organized a workshop to “Sensitize about Menstrual Cups & its Hygiene”, in order to celebrate International Women’s Week. The resource person was Dr.Sujani B. K., (Obstetrician & Gynecologist), Head of Department at Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru. Dr.Sujani, addressed the concerned gathering about the variations in... READ MORE

International Women’s Day Celebration, March 8th , 2021.

The Centre for Women and Child Welfare Policy, RCL in collaboration with Centre for Human Rights, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, organised an event to pay tribute to the glorified contribution of Women Legendries. The theme of the event was Status of Women in India. The layout of the event was that every faculty member would choose one state that they wish to present on the day of... READ MORE

A Session on Personality Development and Professionalism at Workplace by Prof. Dr. Rose Varghese, Director of Academics.

On 18th March, 2021, Prof. Dr. Rose Varghese, Director of Academics, conducted a session on Personality Development and maintaining Professionalism at Workplace, for the administrative staff of RCL. The session revolved around maintaining professionalism at workplace, workplace ethics, misconduct and how being professional can forge successful interpersonal relationships at the institution, thereby contributing towards institution building and its success. The session was an insightful one for the all the administrative... READ MORE


The Victory Flame symbolising the victory of India in the Indo-Pak War of 1971 reached Bengaluru on 20th February 2021. As a part of celebration, on 5th March 2021, the Parachute Regiment Training Centre displayed the Victory Flame before its departure to Coimbatore. Cpl. Jayaprakash G and Cdt. Afreen Khan of RCL were detailed to attend the event. The event culminated with the Brass Band Symphony by the Military Band... READ MORE