In India, the year 2019 -20 marks the 70th anniversary year of adoption of the Indian Constitution. On this occasion, it is important to review and analyse the working of Criminal Justice System in the country. The Government of India initiated some steps to revamp the criminal justice system. Police, the most visible face of the government, sets the wheels of Criminal Justice System in motion. It is, therefore, becomes important to study the Police system in India keeping the federal structure in mind. A group of academicians, practitioners, experts and researchers, along with Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training (MILAT) – a think tank - have started a project ‘Police System in India’. This project will be published in book form with state-wise volume for all the States and Union Territories as well as the central police organizations (separately about 35 volumes by 2021). It is expected that the data and ?ndings in this project report will contribute to a better understanding of the priority areas in policing while focusing on greater public welfare. Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru has been working on the project & representing for the Karnataka State Police from June 2020.