Library and Information Centre

The RCL Library is well equipped recent books, commentaries, Periodicals, Journals, newspapers and online resource which the help the students to get well acquitted with subjects and current affairs. It is housed in a building of its own measuring 10.068 sq.ft Carpet area. The activities are computerized to facility easy to access. The library has total collection of about 11722 + of Books, 56 CDS /DVDs, 1660 Bound Volumes of Journals some Reports and the library subscribes to 37 Print Journals out of which 3 International Journals ,10 Newspapers , 15 General Magazines. The library is an active member of the Shri Narayana Rao Melgiri Library, National Law School of India University, Bangaluru, to facilitate students for further research.

The college library is located in the Ground floor of the Main Law Building consists of a large collection of books pertaining to Law, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Hindu law, Mohammedan law, English, Legal language, Law of contract, Legal theory, Banking Law, Constitution law, Law of crimes, International law, Law of Evidence, International law, Law of Torts, Law of consumer protection, Transfer of property act, Labour law, Criminal procedure code, Law of Taxation, Civil procedure code, Environmental law, Administrative law, Books on law in general, Land law, Intellectual property law, Human rights, Law of arbitration, Cyber law, Labour and Industrial Laws, Bare Act, Lok Adalat and general books. The collection is continuously increasing to cater the needs of teachers and students and to include new and latest titles. The reading section in the library is well furnished and well lighted and ventilated, kept open for teachers and students even after normal working hours of the institution. Various law journals in every field of law subscribed for the benefit of the staff and students to enable them to keep themselves well informed of the latest know how. It also provides leading newspapers, magazines and periodicals in almost all Indian languages for the benefit of staff and students to improve their general knowledge in their leisure hours. Experienced and well-qualified staffs manage the centre and are always available for any help in using the facility.


  • Library is to serve the information needs of the faculties and students
  • To build up a sample collection of Books, Journals, E-services and Institution Repository
  • To promote optimum use of Library materials
  • Provided Internet service to users
  • To strive to advance methods of Health Information provision through modern Information technology
  • To identify the problems faced by the users while the library and its resources
  • To know the purpose and motivations of visiting the library


The Library is kept open all the working days except the government holidays and sundays. During the exam days it is kept opened some extra for the benefit of the students.

Timing on “Regular Days’’

  • Monday to Friday   9.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M
  • Saturday   9.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M

Timing on “Examination Days’’

  • Monday to Friday   9.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M
  • Saturday   9.00 A.M to 5.30 P.M

Vacation Timings:

  • Monday to Friday   9.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M
  • Saturday      9.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M


Membership: Faculty/Student/Staff

  • Members ID card is Bar- Coded. Loss of ID/ Borrower’s Card should be reported in writing to the Librarian immediately. Members are responsible for any loss/damage due to the misuse of their ID/Borrower’s card. All the users are requested to show their college ID card at the entrance of the library.
  • While returning the books to the library, members should ensure that their books are duly discharged.
  • Books can be recalled in case of an urgent demand for the same.
  • Members should keep the library informed about any change of address during the period of their membership.
  • The Librarian has the power to cancel the tickets and refuse admission to anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the library or indulges in any other type of misconduct.
  • Member should return all publications borrowed from the library before proceedings on any kind of long leave.


Sl. No Category No. of Books Loan Period
1 Teaching Staff 5-10 45
2 Part Time/ Visiting Faculty Staff 2-3 30
3 Non-Teaching Staff 2-3 30
4 Students 4-5 15
5 Alumni For Reference and Photocopying service



  • Books and other publications are issued/ renewed at the circulation counter between 9.00 A.M to 4.30 P.M Only
  • Books are normally issued for 15 days to students and 30 days to Non-teaching staff and 45 days to Teaching staff.
  • Every Student / Staff shall be provided with Library cards as per their eligibility and the same to be produced every time as and when books are borrowed.
  • At a time, five books shall be issued. Identity cards shall be used for reference inside the premises.
  • Students/Staff member shall see that books have been properly issued against their names and check before leaving the counter.
  • Borrowers have to check the book that is being issued, and if a book is damaged, it should be brought to the notice of the Librarian or Library Staff. At the time of issuing, otherwise, the borrowers shall be held responsible for any damage found/discovered while returning the book.
  • Members should not sub-lend the books borrowed from the library.


  • Library Id Card ticket is not transferable
  • The borrower is fully responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.
  • Absence and illness are not an acceptable excuse for exemption from paying an overdue charge. In calculating the overdue charge, only college holidays (Not Departmental Holidays) are left out of the reckoning. If the due date falls on a holiday, the book may be returned on the next working day without any overdue charges.
  • The Librarian may recall a book at any time before its due date. He may increase the overdue charges for failure to return a book when it is due or recalled
  • The library will usually send reminders to the faculty and students for the book due, but non-receipt of reminders is not a reason for returning the books late.
  • If students do not renew or return the books issued against their name within a week of its due date their borrowing facility may be withdrawn for a fortnight.
  • If a book belonging to a set is lost, borrower will be charged for replacing the entire set.
  • In case users lost the books issued to them they should report it immediately in writing to the librarian to avoid accumulation of fine. They will be allowed a grace period of one week to confirm the loss in writing, to initiate the process of recovering the cost of the books. In case, they produce the books after the grace period, they will have to pay the prescribed fine. The library services will also stand terminated until they settle their dues whether for the loss or as a fine.
  • During the examination time 7-10 days before the exams commence, please visit the library, those who fail to return the library dues, will not get Exam Admission Tickets.


Up to 15 days and after two renewals of the Due Date, Rs.1/- per day.

Up to next 30 days, Rs.2 per. Day/ Book, followed by suitable disciplinary action.


Book on loan, or on display at the New Arrivals shelf, can be reserved by the candidate through OPAC, or by filling out reservation forms available at the circulation counter. Reservations for more than one book will be issued according to priority. Reserved books are kept separately in the issue counter for 3 days, and the next person on the list of reservations gets priority.


Books are renewable, provided there is no demand for the books by other members. For renewals, the users have to bring the book physically; request for renewal will be considered if there is no reservation for the book. Books can be recalled at any time in case of an urgent demand by the other users.


The borrowers of the library material have to return their books on or before the due date mentioned on the books issued to them and at the time of each semester exam, before the distribution of their exam Admission Tickets, list of “Over Due Students” is notified on the library notice board and if they still did not return on the specified date, action will be taken.


  1. RCL students and staff are eligible to become members. Membership Forms are available at the circulation counter.
  2. Library users must leave your bags and personal belongings outside the library. Library and Information Centre staffs are not responsible for any loss/missing of readers’ bags wallets etc.
  3. No refreshments or foodstuffs of any kind shall be consumed inside the Library and Information Centre.
  4. Cell phones, Ear/Headphones, walkmans and such other sound system or similar electronic gadgets are prohibited inside the Library.
  5. Journals and books kept in ‘Reference Section’ will not be issued.
  6. Maintain queue system at the ‘Circulation Counter’.
  7. Readers should not mark, underline or write in the library books, Journals, and Newspapers.
  8. Readers shall maintain silence and dignity inside the Library and Information Centre.
  9. The Librarian shall refuse admission to anyone infringing the rules and regulations of the Library and Information Centre for misconduct.
  10. These rules to be read along with other rules/circulars that are put on the Notice Board from time to time by the librarian. Students/Researchers, who are not Members of the college, may use the Library for reference purposes only after obtaining permission from the Principal.


The library has automated most of its services and facilities through LIBSOFT 12.0.0 “WEBOPAC” services which gives search facilities for library resources. All the book collection has been barcoded.Automated circulation system has facilitated fast and efficient service at the issue counter. Reminders, Reservations, Recall, Renewal etc., are being attended through the system.


The library provides personalized and automated Short-range and Long-range reference services for its users.


The library provides Bibliographies, reading Lists, CAS (Current Awareness Service) and SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) Services, Previous year question papers and syllabus copies etc., in anticipation or on request.


Xerox machine is kept and maintained to cater the needs of the users with minimum charges and also there is a Lamination Machine and a Spiral Binding Machine kept in the Photocopy Service Centre.


Presently the library has the facility to borrow the books from the other libraries of our sister instructions, like MSRIT, MSRIM, MSRMS, MSRCASC, MSRPC.


The library has a good number of audio-visual materials in the form of cassettes, CDs and DVDs pertaining to Law and socio-legal topics of interest, science and Technology which can be borrowed on special permission for a day.


More than fifty computer systems with internet facility are available to the members for their study and research work.


Presently library is subscribing some national/local employment newspapers and career guidance material with which library is able to provide the information on employment opportunities and guiding the aspirant in choosing the correct career.


Library Committee ensures arrivals of new Books, Journals, Magazines and Periodicals etc. according to the need and requirement of the students, faculties etc. Committee adopts new ideas, policies, and technologies for better information sharing process among the stakeholders.


The library organizes the book exhibitions on different occasions, like Kannada Rajyostava, Independence Day, College Inauguration Day, College National /International Moot Court Competitions and Beginning of the each semester.


The members are requested to deposit their personal belongings at the Property Counter at their own risk. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to the same.


Sl. No Name Designation Education Qualification
1 Dr.Naveen Kumar B.M. Chief Librarian B.Sc.; M.A; M.L.I.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D.; KSET
2 Mr.Shekarappa S Librarian M.L.I.Sc; M.Phil, PGDLAN
3 Mr. Naveen Kumar N Library Assistant B.Com; M.L.I.Sc
4 Mr.Guruprasad C Clerk PUC(B.Com)
5 Mr. Ravishankar G V Computer Instructor PUC
6 Mr.Srikanta Reddy Library Attender PUC
7 Mr.Gangadharappa K G Library Attender SSLC



  1. Reference
  2. Circulation
  3. Online-Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  4. Internet
  5. Online Databases ( Manupatra, Lexis-Nexis & Lloyd’s Law Reports )
  6. Reprographic
  7. SC/ST Book Bank
  8. Inter Library loan



Books Titles 2200
Volumes 15722
  Reference  1520
SC/ST Book Bank Titles 42
Volumes 276
Books ( LL.M ) Titles 35
  Volumes 119
Periodicals National Journals 37
International Journals 03
Magazines 15
Institutional Membership NLSIU LAW LIBRARY, Bengaluru 02 Cards
Bound Volumes   1660
Legal Database 1. Manupatra


2. Lloyd’s Law Reports

3. Lexis-Nexis




Sl.No Magazines Frequency
1 Lawyers Update Monthly
2 University News Weekly
3 Lawz (India’s first monthly law magazine) Monthly
4 Legal News & Views Monthly
5 Outlook Weekly
6 Week Weekly
7 India Today Weekly
8 Frontline Weekly
9 Competition Success Review Weekly
10 Reader Digest Weekly
11 Economic and Political Weekly Weekly
12 Star Sports Weekly
13 Down to Earth Environmental law Magazine Weekly
15 Deccan Chronicle Monthly



Sl.No Name of the Journal/Magazine Name
1 Labour Law Journal
2 Income Tax Reports
3 Company Cases
4 Banking Cases
5 All India Reporter ( AIR )
6 Supreme Court Cases
7 Karnataka Law Journal
8 The Patents & Trade Marks Cases
9 All Indian Arbitration Law Reporter
10 Consumer Protection Judgments
11 The Criminal Law Journal
12 Corporate Law Adviser
13 All India Criminal Law Reporter
14 Indian Civil Cases
15 Hindu Law Reports
16 Education Law Cases
17 Company Law Journal
18 Labour and Industrial Cases
19 Goods and Services Tax Reports
20 Karnataka GST Journal
21 Supreme Court Case Criminal
22 Environmental and Forest Law Times
23 Taxman: The Tax Law Weekly
24 Taxman: SEBI and Corporate Laws
25 Indian Journal of International Law
26 Journal of the Indian Law Institute
27 Asian Journal of Legal Education
28 Accident & Compensation Cases
29 Accidents Claims Journal
30 NHRD Network Journal
31 Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economics
32 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance
33 MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management
34 MUDRA: Journal of Finance and Accounting
35 FOCUS: Journal of International Business
36 PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy
37 VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation



Sl. No Periodical /Journal/Reports Frequency
1 Intellectual Property Quarterly Quarterly
2 All England Law Reports Fortnight
3 Lloyd’s Law Reports Half Yearly



  1. The Hindu
  2. The Times of India
  3. Deccan Herald
  4. The New Indian Express
  5. Deccan Chronicle
  6. Bangalore Mirror
  7. Vijaya Karnataka
  8. Vijaya Vani
  9. Prajavani
  10. The Economics Times


Online /offline DATABASES

1. Manupatra:

2. Lexis-Nexis:

3. Lloyd’s Law Reports:
1. Login to
2. Search any keywords in Advanced Law Reports.
3. Login with your Email.

Free Online Legal DATABASES

Five years Question Papers, latest syllabus Copy of B.A, LLB, BCOM LLB & BBA LLB shared in networked systems of the library which can be accessed by the college staff and students in the library networked systems.