At the end of the programme, a student is expected to:

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the various substantive and procedural laws;
  • Possess the ability to understand the role that law can play in finding solutions in the field of their chosen allied specialisations – social science, business administration or commerce;
  • Demonstrate and uphold the highest standards of values of the legal profession;
  • Possess the motivation to explore further opportunities to employ law as an effective means of bringing social change.



At the end of the course a student is expected to:

  • Have the ability to understand the mutual relationship between law and social science;
  • Understand how to use law as an instrument of social change;
  • Attain the ability to propose legal solutions to the various socio-economic problems of the society.


At the end of the course a student is expected to:

  • Understand how to employ law in the establishment and management of a business enterprise;
  • Have the ability to employ legal principles in business management and administration;
  • Have a grasp of management principles and the ability to devise corporate legal solutions.


At the end of the course a student is expected to:

  • Have a sound understanding of the financial operations in a business enterprise;
  • Have the ability to understand the commercial and tax implications of a business decision;
  • Have the ability to propose legally compliant commercial solutions to business enterprises


The subjects of study prescribed for the semester scheme shall be as under:

Courses Prescribed For the Five Year B. A., LL. B. Integrated Degree Course in Law

Syllabus of 5 Year BA LLB Integrated Course

I Semester

Course I : English
Course II : Major – I: Political Science
Course III : Elements of Research
Course IV : Minor – I(1): Sociology

III Semester

Course – I : Major – 3: Political Science
Course – II : Major – 4: Political Science
Course – III : Minor-I (2): Sociology
Course – IV : Minor – II(2): Economics

II Semester

Course – I : Kannada / Special English
Course – II : Major – 2: Political Science
Course – III : Minor- II:(1): Economics

IV Semester

Course – I  : Major – 5: Political Science
Course – II : Major – 6: Political Science
Course – III  : Minor-I (3): Sociology
Course – IV : Minor – II(3): Economics

V Semester

Course – I : Constitutional Law
Course – II  : Contract – I
Course – III : Law of Torts
Course – IV  : Family Law – I: Hindu Law
Course – V : Criminal Law – I: IPC

VI Semester

Course – I : Contract - II
Course – II : Company Law
Course – III  : Property Law
Course – IV : Administrative Law
Course – V : Family Law – II: Mohemmadan
: Law & Indian Succession Act.

VII Semester

Course – I : Jurisprudence
Course – II : Labour Law
Course – III  : Law of Taxation
Course – IV : Criminal Law – II: Cr.P.C
Course – V : Clinical Course – I
: Professional Ethics &

VIII Semester

Course – I : Public International Law
Course – II : Optional – I: Human Rights
Law & Practice / Insurance Law
Course – III : Optional – II: Banking Law /
: Right to Information
Course – IV : Clinical Course – II: ADR’s

IX Semester

Course – I : Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
Course – II : Optional
 Course – III: Intellectual Property Rights – I / Penology & victimology
Course – III : Optional
Course  - IV: Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Litigation / Competition Law
Course – IV : Clinical
Course – III : Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance

X Semester

Course – I : Law of Evidence
Course – II : Environmental Law
Course – III : Optional – V: Intellectual Property Rights – II / White Collar Crimes
Course – IV : Optional – VI: Land Law / Law relating to International Trade Economics
Course – V : Clinical Course – IV: Moot Court Exercises & Internship


Dress Code

Students of the college are required to be in formal attire as prescribed by the college from time to time. On all formal occasions, students have to wear the college blazer. As per the KSLU circular students are required to wear Khadi Uniform on every Monday. Shorts, Jeans, Leggings / Jeggings, T-shirts, Canvas / Sports shoes are not permitted inside the college.


Students are required to behave well at all times. Loitering around the college during the class hours, shouting and disturbing the classes, damaging the college property and indulging in physical violence with their fellow students are treated as acts of grave indiscipline. Students found guilty of such misconduct will be rusticated.