About Us


  • Helping the youth to enrich their knowledge, fostering in them a love for learning, right attitudes and imbibing essential and up to date knowledge about legal rights and obligations.
  • Creating awareness in the youth of the socio-economic and the legal needs of the country by tapping the hidden treasures in their personalities.
  • Devoting itself to the cause of education in all fields with considerable interest and commitment to the country.
  • Better appreciation of the functioning of law in the society.

About Us

The Gokula Education Foundation (GEF) was established in the year 1962 by Hon’ble Founder Chairman Dr. M. S. Ramaiah, a visionary, philanthropist and educationalist who pioneered a galaxy of institutions encompassing every field of Education with the sole objective of serving the society. Today it runs several educational institutions having independent infrastructure, faculty of high caliber with effective and interactive teaching skills.

In the year 1995, the Hon’ble Founder Chairman Dr. M S Ramaiah established a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the area of legal studies with the noble mission of imparting quality legal education adopting a befittingapproach in a healthy academic atmosphere which has gone a long way in moulding the future of students to enable them to meet professional challenges with confidence and fortitude.

The college has contributed competent and value based professionals in the arena of law and this is evident from the fact, that some of its outstanding graduates have excelled in their profession and have also been working in distinguished law firms and companies.

Dr. M.R. Jayaram

Hon’ble Chairman, GEF

Dr. M.R. Pattabhiram

Hon'ble Director, RCL

Sri. M.R. Anandaram

Hon'ble Director, RCL

Sri. B.S. Ramaprasad

Chief Executive, GEF (Engg. & G.S)

Sri. G. Ramachandra

Chief of Finance, GEF(Engg & GS)

Prof.(Dr.) Rose Varghese

Director (Academics) [Former Vice - Chancellor, NUALS, Kochi]

Dr. V. Shyam Kishore

Principal In-charge & Associate Professor of Law

Governing Council

The Governing Council meets every semester to review the performance & functioning of the institution. The Governing Council members are:

1 Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. Gururajan, Former Judge, High Court of Karnataka Chairperson
2 Hon’ble Dr. Justice K. Bhakthavatsala, Chairman, KSAT Member
3 Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. V. Chandrashekara, Member KSAT Member
4 Prof. Dr. V. Vijayakumar, Vice Chancellor, NLIU, Bhopal Member
5 Dr. Sairam Bhatt, Professor of Law, NLSIU Member
6 Dr. M. R. Pattabhiram, Director Member
7 Sri. M. R. Anandaram, Director Member
8 Sri. M. T. Nanaiah, Senior Advocate Member
9 Sri. Sashikiran Shetty, Senior Advocate Member
10 Sri. M. Partha, University Nominee Member
11 Sri. B.S. Ramaprasad, Chief Executive, GEF Member
12 Sri. G. Ramachandra, Chief of Finance GEF Member
13 Dr. V. Shyam Kishore, Principal In-charge, RCL Member Secretary
14 Mr. Omprakash, Assistant Professor Sr. Scale(Law), RCL Member
15 Ms. Rima Hore, Assistant Professor(Law), RCL Standing Invitee


Greetings from the Ramaiah College of Law!

Ramaiah College of Law (RCL) was established in the year 1995 and ever since it has been our endeavour to provide quality legal education that will help create a community of morally, ethically and socially responsible citizens. The focus at RCL has been on the assimilation of the latest developments of the law and the exploration of how to employ these developments to the betterment of humankind. Thus while at the one hand our curriculum is enriched by the offering of different kinds of add-on and certificate programmes, on the other hand they are supplemented with a large number of social activities like legal aid programmes, NSS activities, legal literacy programmes etc..

I am proud to inform you that the intellectually stimulating culture at RCL has helped the students of RCL grab many University ranks consistently over the years even as our students have had successes in many cultural and sports activities. Besides, students of RCL have consistently won accolades in various moot court and debate competitions across the country. An impressive placement record, tie-ups with industry groups, and frequent visits and lectures by experienced and distinguished guests also help our students in their holistic professional development.

I welcome you all to the Ramaiah College of Law!

Dr. V. Shyam Kishore

Principal In-charge, RCL