On January 21st, 2022 as part of the syllabus for Legal Methods, for first semester students of the five years law course, a guest lecture on “Sources of Legal Research” was organized by Ms. Gnanavi Bopaiah, Assistant Professor (Law), (Course Teacher of Legal Methods), RCL. The resource person was Dr. Naveen B. M., Chief Librarian, RCL. The guest lecture was hosted online, via Zoom platform and was attended by students, mainly from the first years.


Dr. Om Prakash, Principal (Incharge), RCL, addressed the gathering with a welcome speech and introduced the Guest Speaker for the day. Dr. Naveen then took over, addressed the gathering about the objective of Legal Research, and encouraged the audience to have an open discussion, via question and answers, throughout the session.

Dr. Naveen B.M. talking about legal research, to the participants.


Dr. Naveen, at first introduced a quick guide for legal research, before moving on to talk about the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources of Legal Research. He then spoke about the various tools of legal research, both offline and online, in detail. Dr. Naveen guided the students on how to access the online resources via various portals, which are subscribed by the college. He also guided them on how to use the offline materials available at the library with the help of photographs.

Dr. Naveen also addressed queries raised by students with respect to remote access of resources and other resources available at other sites.

At the end of the question and answer session, the session concluded with a Vote of Thanks being rendered by Ms. Gnanavi Bopaiah, Assistant Professor (Law), (Course Teacher of Legal Methods) at RCL. By the end of the session, all the students were thoroughly convinced about the plethora of sources available for legal research and felt empowered with the knowledge they had gained in the hour-long interactive workshop by Dr. Naveen. Overall, the event was a success.