ADR Society

  • Assessing the outgrowing needs for ADR education, we decided on setting up a society wherein the students are not only to be provided with exposure to different mechanisms of ADR but also set a platform for training and conducting National level events which is an important learning process in today’s competitive and challenging environment.
  • The society was established with the objective to bring General awareness of Alternative Dispute Resolution System in its content, context, meaning and purpose and at the same time to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods. The Committee is also instrumental in conducting regular Alternative Dispute Resolution training sessions which is a robust combination of theoretical application and practical experience.
  • The ADR Society also encourages regular participation of the students in ADR competitions for which the students are screened by the faculty members and also involved in organizing guest lectures on ADR processes and mechanisms.
  • The society intends to organize and host ADR competitions at various levels in the coming years and strengthen the Legal Aid and legal awareness programs of the college to be an instrument of achieving social justice.