A 40 hour Intensive workshop was conducted to the students on Mediation by certified master Trainor from Bangalore Mediation Centre, Mr. Prasad Subbanna, Conciliator, Lok Adalat, HC of Karnataka, Member of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority from 4.04.2022 to 8.04.2022.

Day 1:

The 5 day intensive workshop in concepts and techniques related to mediation and conciliation commenced with an overview of various Alternative Dispute Resolution concepts as well as an introduction into mediation and its stages. The participants had their first practical session in which they delivered opening statements.

Day 2:

The second day of the workshop involved experimenting with various communication techniques and skills like summarizing and paraphrasing. The participants also played an active role during the practical session where they enacted a live mediation session.

Day 3:

The different styles of negotiation and the concepts of BATNA, WATNA, and MLATNA were discussed. The concepts of ethics, confidentiality, empathy, as well as the means of human behaviour were enlightened upon. Demonstration role play in the form of a relay was conducted and the participants moved on to their second day of this mock mediation session.

Day 4:

The concept of impasse was discussed initially. Active listening exercises were conducted where the participants introduced their partners to the class at large. The mock mediation session were once again conducted with an emphasis on impasse.

Day 5:

The final day began with the explanation of the concept of the role of the Advocate in mediation. The qualities that a mediator would possess was also discussed with the participants. The final practical session was conducted with an emphasis on drawing of settlement.

The ADRSoc Co-ordinators and Assistant Professors of RCL Ms. Rajashree K and Ms. Ayesha Rao, were present throughout the workshop.