Legal AID

The Legal Aid Committee is working with the objective of promoting access to justice by rendering legal assistance to disadvantaged people and deliver community legal education to improve awareness of the law. The committee is actively involved in building and developing our system by responding both to the legal and non-legal needs of the society. The committee has also become a Centre for providing practical professional training for the students.

The mandate of the Legal Aid committee is divided into –Legal Aid, Legal Awareness and Legal Research.

Legal Aid

This Legal Aid cell provides free legal advice and counseling for people from various sections of society, as well as facilitating mediation from time to time with the help of students and faculty members through the helpline 080 – 23608230.

Legal Awareness

In order to improve awareness of the law and deliver community legal education, legal awareness is given in various areas such as employment, unorganized sector of labour, youth, environment and vulnerable sections of the society such as women, children, differently abled and the elderly.

Legal Research

The Students community is also involved in collection of data and research projects in order to develop and improve communication with various authorities and the general public. The committee also encourages and facilitates innovation with regard to providing legal research.